Trainer Orientation & Affirmation

Brain Power® is a comprehensive cognitive skills training program that is designed to promote neuroplasticity and enhanced cognitive functioning in individuals with brain injuries, developmental disorders, or anyone who desires to improve their processing abilities.

In order to provide effective treatment, it is critical that the Brain Power® program be utilized in a standardized fashion. Therefore, it is important that prospective trainers have an understanding of how this program is to be utilized and personally possess certain basic skills in order to effectively facilitate cognitive skills training for another person. The Brain Power® program is challenging but intuitive, and a caring family member or friend should have no difficulty using the program after completing the Trainer Orientation.

You must be a Registered User to log in and have access to the Reference Materials tab where you can download the Brain Power® Trainer Orientation and begin learning how to use this program. The Trainer Orientation will direct you to download other files from the Reference Materials page as needed.

As a new user, the Brain Power® program will be running temporarily in Demonstration Mode for 15 days. Demonstration Mode allows you the ability to move freely between the various levels of each of the training modules. This will allow you to complete the Trainer Orientation and become completely familiar with the program. Contact Customer Service if you require more time.

NOTE: You must click the Affirmation below, after you complete the Trainer Orientation, in order for you to be Certified to provide training. This will then change the Brain Power® program from Demonstration Mode to Training Mode. You cannot access a patient’s account and provide training until you do this.

   I affirm that I have thoroughly reviewed the trainer orientation material and the attached files. I further affirm that I have practiced all of the skills described in the trainer orientation material and, where appropriate, have had an independent person confirm that I am able to perform these skills accurately.

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