Brain Power® is the most comprehensive and sophisticated COGNITIVE SKILLS TRAINING program available. It is comprised of over 50 separate training tasks covering a broad range of cognitive skills. Recent research in the neuro-sciences has revealed which techniques are effective in stimulating the brain to develop new neural connections and thus improve cognitive functioning.
Program downloads are free to all Registered Providers, their staff and patients. To run Brain Power® software, it is necessary to log into the program with a User ID and password obtained during registration. Register FREE Today!
Program Description
Brain Power® offers multiple training modules in the areas of Motor Skills, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing/Speech Production, Language Skills, Executive Functions, Memory, and Basic Math. For more detailed information about each of the training modules, follow the link below.....
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User Requirements
Brain Power® is not a program that can be used independently. A training facilitator (Trainer) is required to administer the program. The Trainer can be a family member, educator, or medical professional. No professional qualifications are necessary to provide training but, if training is provided at home by a family member, it would be helpful to have a professional to consult with to assist with treatment planning...
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System Requirements
Processor :  Intel Pentium 4 1.80GHz Processor or AMD Athlon™ 64 2800+ processor (or equivalent)
RAM :  1GB or more
Operational System :  Requires Windows XP or later. Mac users should contact Customer Service.

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