Brain Power® is committed to helping those with disabilities realize their full potential. Brain Power® is an effective, affordable, and easy to use interactive program that rapidly enhances brain function in individuals with brain injuries, learning disabilities, cognitive disorders due to other conditions, or those individuals desiring general cognitive enhancement. When used properly, Brain Power® can significantly reduce or eliminate cognitive problems. This is a "home-based" treatment program that provides individualized therapy and guaranteed results. Brain Power® can be used independently, or be professionally administered through any Brain Power® Provider. Treatment can also be professionally administered online by the clinical staff of Brain Power Direct. (Services Menu)
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With over 20 years of experience as a clinical neurologist, I would highly recommend Brain Power® . This program is designed to stimulate improvement in all areas of brain function...   
- Durell Sharbaugh, M.D.
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Brain Injuries
Learning / Developmental Disorders
General Cognitive Enhancement/Anti-Aging
Brain Power® is the most comprehensive and sophisticated cognitive skills training program available. It is comprised of over 50 separate training tasks.
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